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Battery indicators, font colours & desktop icons.

January 28, 2012

It’s getting worse. I used to scoff at those with irrational ticks. In fact, if I’m honest, I still do. My girlfriend Jade can’t have the volume of, well, pretty much anything on an odd number. If it is, she simply shouts “turn it up one!” at whoever has the remote control. Jade isn’t a loud person in general. So you can imagine my Dad’s surprise one Sunday afternoon when she suddenly randomly shouted this to him out of the blue after innocently turning the football up a bit. My Mum has to line things up so they everything is straight. Coasters, magazines, you name it. I would be sitting down watching TV & she would come in chatting about something & without noticing she’d line up everything on the coffee table in front of me. She’d walk out the room, I’d mess everything up & she would come back in & line it all up again.

But I am developing my own annoying habits. And it effects me mentally if I don’t act on them. For example, Jade & I currently reside in a very small room at my parents’ house. If there’s too much on the floor or there’s post left on the desk, I feel uncomfortable. I can’t relax. At work, I regularly keep my desk tidy. I can’t have wires visible & if I’ve not touched a piece of paperwork or a magazine in over 3 weeks, I normally get rid of it. None of this “I may need it one day”, it’s gone. One of the weirdest examples I noticed is that when I have two screens open on my PC, in order to focus on an email properly, I have to drag it to a separate screen from my inbox. That’s weird isn’t it? It’s like my mind has physically left the inbox – and all the stresses of the other emails – in another place to focus on that one email.

I suppose it’s nice in a way, as at the moment my habits generally keep my surroundings fairly tidy & neat. Jade isn’t too happy when I go on a rampage though. My stressy questions “what is that doing there?”,do you need this now?”,why hasn’t this been filed away?” & “when was the last time you used this?” are normally met with even stressier “just leave it!”,yes I used it last week” & the most used “I’ll sort it out soon!”.

I guess I’ve always had a form of OCD. Or perhaps it’s just the desire to have things look correct & proper. I’ve always been a stickler for spelling & grammar. If ever I write someone a text, my grammar & spelling are perfect. I don’t do abbreviations. It would annoy me too much. Even when taking notes in a meeting on my PC, I have to go back & correct immediately if I’ve made an error. I can’t leave it as it grates me. If someone sends me a spreadsheet at work with some of the cells missing appropriate borders, I will go in & correct. If I copy & paste something into an email & the font is a different size & colour, there’s no way I am sending it as is. I will have to go & change it. No matter how much of a rush I’m in.

What else makes me stressed? Battery indicators that are not 100%, unnecessary PC desktop icons, unread notifications on social media sites & not being able to see all my ‘must action’ emails in one screen. It’s amazing how much I feel better when I manage to get all my inbox emails onto one screen. Even if I’ve just simply deleted the other mails to make them fit. I still feel better, in my head.
I’m noticing a pattern though. A lot of my stresses come via the PC & online world. Perhaps it’s natural as that’s what I spend 70% of my life on. And of course my job revolves around the PC so there are bound to be links.

Whether it’s work related or not though, I hope it doesn’t get much worse. I hope one day I don’t have to dress in a space suit to avoid dust particles making sure every baked bean is clean before I eat it. I’m not sure Jade could deal with that.


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